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lunes, 21 de mayo de 2012

Hinzpeter Laws is a serie of laws that constitutes the strict order and peace of the citizen by denying the expression freedom. These laws were created by the very bossy inside's minister (or prime minister) of Chile and best mate of the Republic President Rodrigo Hinzpeter.

How do these laws work?

These laws are very strict and involve in prison sentence  (from 1,51 up to 3 years in prison) and are the following ones:

1- Stop or suspend any public service like hospital, electricity, fuel, water, communication or transport services.

2- Raid, take over or loot houses, offices, commercial, religious buildings, factories, schools, universities or more, even thought they are public, municipalized or public.

3- Block or alter the free human or vehicle traffics through bridges, streets, roads or any other kind of route.

4-  Atent against the authority or its agents in the terms of the articles 261 or 262 or from any of the provided forms in the articles 416, 416 bis, 416 ter y 417 from the code of the Military Justice or in artciels 17, 17 bis, 17 ter y 17 quáter del Decreto Ley N° 2.460 de 1979, or in articles 15 A, 15 B, 15 C y 15 D from the decret law N° 2.859 de 1979.

5- Hold any kind of arm like: pistol, knife, explosive, burning or chemist elements or any other that can damage to a person or to a building.

6- Or make some damage to a building, even thought it is public, or particular.

What do you think? A best way of living under prison or living underworld like now in Canadá? Thanks.

sábado, 29 de octubre de 2011


Hello, this is my story about a school where I studied the secondary education and this has made me stressed. My high school (I won't mean its name because of higher motivations) has always been the strictest one in my city whose party (my high school's) is from right side .I studied in such high school from march 2004 to november 2007 (I call you to remember that in Chile and many countries from the southern hemisphere, The school year starts in March and ends in December, days before Christmas season) and my little brother studies there as of March 2008.

  • Going to toilet: We were not allowed to go to toilet during classes and they were closed so as to show it to us. When a break or lunch time started, they were open BUT men we were not allowed to come into it with our schoolbags, we had to place them out of it because some of them scrawled WC cabine's walls and we had to use the urinal instead the WC for only urinating (I hate it).
  • Breaks and Lunchtimes: During breaks (2 per morning, 1 per afternoon and 15 min each one) and lunchtimes (13:00 - 14:00), we couldn't stay and sit down on corridors, stairs and downstairs; in this high school, there was no roof out there that could protect us from the sun the ultraviolet race is higher AND WE COULDN'T EVEN SIT DOWN ON A LITTLE FOUNTAIN THERE WAS IN THE HALL AND LAY FOR A MOMENT, JUST SITTING DOWN EVEN IF ON FLOOR.
  • Coming to Classes: When the bell is ringing, inspectors pressed us so we hurried up going to classes, and before coming into the classroom, we had to make a row, look in front, off the wall and girls came into and then men did that, we had to stand straight off the table and say "Good day Teacher" and then we could sit down QUIET, only paying attention to the teacher, no eating and drinking anything, it's not hurtful but we're not allowed to do those. If a teacher didn't attend a class, we had to cross our arms and do nothing because WE'RE NOT ALLOWED TO USE GAMES, MP3, SLEEP, ETC. during this class. When a teacher did attend a class, this gets angry and teaches us angrily because of nothing until he or she shouts!!!.
  • My school as a jail: Once, my classmate was having fun with others with her camera when an inspector saw them so then he removed it off from her and her mother had to recover it (This is the law) when she did it, she discovered that all pictures was DELETED!!!!!! so she and her daughter demanded him. AND THIS IS TOO WHO THREW A RING OF MY SISTER ON TRASH!!!!
  • The day starting and ending: We had to come into this high school in the main gate and go out in the backyard's gate. (not allowed upside down)
  • The personal presentation: This is a very strict area we had. We men had to bring our "Military-cut hair (As short as possible) if it grows up a little bit, we were dated so as to cut it. If we wove an underwear with a mark under out shirt, we are required to unwear it. If we had a shirt out of the pants (even if school's out) we are required to put it inside. We, wearing the school uniform, couldn't visit a pool's place or a mall, even if we were with a parent.
  • THE MAINLY AND MORE REPRESSED THING EVER: You know the high school I studied in has never let us live alone and free, There was never freedom, We lived like in a jail, private from all. THE HATE FOR THIS REPRESSIVE HIGH SCHOOL HAVE BEEN STARTING WHEN I CRITICIZED ABOUT HOW REPRESSIVE AND NO FREEDOM THIS HIGH SCHOOL HAD, when my mom went to it because my siblings studied there yet and asked about their grades, then the general inspector told my mother that her son (me) has written bad thing about our dear high school and asked her to me to delete those comments I made (my true expressions and criticizes), because of not doing that, My siblings could be exposed from this High School, I accessed to do that but My heart is not an idiot and keep my hate to that yet. This happened on June 2009 (I've ended my secondary education on Nov 2007).
What do you think? Is there no FREEDOM for studying in this High School??? 

Believe it ro not, This is a true story I stood, Thanks and Bye

viernes, 21 de octubre de 2011

List of CRUCH's universities

In Chile, there are 25 universities of CRUCH (Board of Rectors to Chile's Universities), which 16 of then are public and 9 left are semipublic (the quality as private is no longer on by belonging to CRUCH).

(XV) Arica-and-Parinacota Region
01. UTA (Universidad de Tarapacá de Arica) Arica*

(I) Tarapacá Region
02. UNAP (Universidad Arturo Prat) Iquique*

(II) Antofagasta Region
03. UA (Universidad Antofagasta) Antofagasta*
04. UCN (Universidad Católica del Norte) Antofagasta

(III) Atacama Region
05. UDA (Universidad de Atacama) Copaipó*

(IV) Coquimbo Region
06. ULS (Universidad de La Serena) La Serena*

(V) Valparaíso Region
07. UPLA (Universidad de Playa Ancha) Valparaíso*
08. UV (Universidad de Valparaíso) Valparaíso*
09. PUCV (Pontifica Universidad Católica de Valparaíso) Valparaíso
10. UTFSM (Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María) Valparaíso

(XIII) Metropolitan Region from Santiago de Chile
11. UCH (Universidad de Chile) Santiago*
12. USACH (Universidad de Santiago de Chile) Santiago*
13. UTEM (Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana) Santiago*
14. UMCE (Univ. Metro. de Ciencia de la Educación) Santiago*
15. PUC (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile) Santiago

(VI) Libertador O'Higgins Region
There's no universities from this region that belongs to CRUCH

(VII) de Maule Region
16. UTALCA (Universidad de Talca) Talca*
17. UCM (Universidad Católica del Maule) Talca

(VIII) Bio Bio Region
18. UBB (Universidad del Bio Bio) Concepción*
19. UDEC (Universidad de Concepción) Concepción
20. UCSC (Univ. Cat. de la Santísima Concepción) Concepción

(IX) Araucanía Region
21. UFRO (Univdersidad de la Frontera) Temuco*
22. UCT (Universidad Católica de Temuco) Temuco

(XIV) Los Ríos Region
23. UACH (Universidad Austral de Chile) Valdivia

(X) Los Lagos Region
24. ULA (Universidad de los Lagos) Ososrno*

(XI) Aysén and Carlos Ibáñez del Campo Region
There's no universities from this region that belongs to CRUCH

(XII) Magallanes and Chilean Artic Region
25. UMAG (Universidad de Magallanes) Punta Arenas.*

* Public Universities, otherwise, Semipublic Universities

PS: 13th region is Metropolitan Region of Santiago de Chile, this change is due to the focus from the administration as of Oct 2007
PS2: The 14th region of Los Rios belonged to X region of Los Lagos up to the disfunction whose date was on 8 Oct 2007.
PS3: The 15th region of Arica y Parinacota belonged to I region of Tarapacá up to the disfunction whose date was on 8 Oct 2007.
(And UTA has a starting letter (T) to Tarapaca, Region which it belonged to before this such event).

viernes, 30 de septiembre de 2011

Abuses of The Government

In the Education Crisis, There are existing abuses of the Government so as not to give up and complicated more the things, nowadays, there are many threat and ugly tricks from the State like:
  • The removal of Grants and Loans to those who doesn't end the first semester before 7th October: The Mineduc (Chile's Education Ministry) came up with setting this threat on so all On-strike students turn back to classes, BUT most of them felt forced to end the first semester with the calification they received so far and others had the option to do the last homeworks to end the first semester (2 at least to end the first semester) and the education finally will end up WORST.
  • The ending of school year and the prohibition of the matriculate from Non-Providence-commune students in the schools of this commune. Providence commune's mayor, Cristián Labbé, realised that the schools from his commune, Specially Vittorino Lastarria (men's school) and Carmela Carvajal (women's school) Schools were still overtaken by their students!!! and most of them hadn't signed up  the "Salvemos el Año Escolar plan ("Let's save the school year") in order to be against the status of the government because of no solve for the free education. These factos made Labbé be furious and got a spontaneusly only one option of ending the school year of every schools from Providencia commune, supporting students who signed up to the plan and prohibiting the admision of every Providence's schools to students who don't belong to Providencia commune because of UNGRATEFUL and BETRAYER STUDENTS TO PROVIDENCE COMMNUNE (According to Labbé) PS: It's useful to know that more that 80% students in Providencia's schools lives off this commune.
  • The removal of Junaeb's benefits (National Board of Helping in the Education). The Mineduc made sure that benefits won't be renewed for students who haven't ended the first semester, that's the cause BAES card (Meal Grant for the Higher Education) of many students haven't been recharged yet and food hasn't been sent to on-strike schools. Also, Students from Concepcion, Chile, are organizing a lynching to Junaeb because of all these things and the deficience because There're still students who haven't received heir TNEs (Student National Card) However, These cards always use to be given later May. PS: This lynching will be probably extended along Chile.
  • The group of lies Mr. President Sebastian Piñera, used as a discourse in the UN describing that the mobilization that students make in Chile nowadays is a "Noble Cause", if it was so, All'd be peaceful, but it isn't that, THERE MANY REPRESSIONS AND ABUSES FROM THE GOVERNMENT AGAINST US so as not to be defeated
What do you think? Are abuses and Repressions against Chilean futures"?


sábado, 27 de agosto de 2011

1800-hrs Running ENDED

Today the 1800-Hours Running is over (27 August 2011, 17:30 GMT; 14:30 UTC -3)

Many students and other voluntaries started this marathon on June 13th 2011 (17:30 GMT; 13:30 GMT-4) with a making of complete the 1800 hours of running by a part of Santiago de Chile with a mission of complete this amount of hours with this activity.

This activity consisted on making turns of many voluntaries that can do it as better as possible.

Today, August 27, at 14:30 (GMT - 3) this activity has successfully ended because this time, it came to the hours number 1800, this number represented th 1800 millions US dollars to cover all the costs of the chilean Higher education.

So Congratulation!!! Bye.


The multi-union published a document that explains the demands of workers and citizens for the great days 24 and 25 August.

The National Board joined and published the following things on July 1st 2011:

The workers of Chile, the citizens of all the country, are called to join to the National Strike on 24 and 25 August.

The thing that feed up the patience and that offends the chilean town, is the scandalous social and economical unequality, whose very dirrty face is the stronger concentration of the richness of the country, that makes that the 20% rich people take the 80% of the national resource.

We have to change the status of things and aspire a very equitative and fairer country.

So that, The Natinal Strike was called tlo. As protest and exigence. There are in concert 6 reasons so all Chile mobilize on 24 and 25 August.
  1. For a Tax Reform: The national and international consortiums, the biggest companies, the rich people, can and must pay more taxes that allow the country to get resource to defeat the social problems. Those taxes must serve as a development for the regions where such companies are installed.
  2. Changes in the system of social pension. Now's System lays the poorness of millions of pensionaries and elderlies. The system of pensions of individual capitalization with prift making, allows the richness of economical groups that manages the AFPs (Association of Funds and Pensions) and the companies where these capitals invest. The Government must play the preponderating role in material of social prevision and the companies must support for the pensions of their workers.
  3. Improve the health of all chileans: The Isapres (Chilean Health Plan Provider) have speculations and can't get to satisfy the needs of users and also, they makes bebts. It requires a deep reform to the "Isapres' Laws" to end the abusive plans and the Government must grow the resource for a quiality publich health.
  4. New Insitutionality for the education: The CUT (Unit Center of Workers) warranties the fair and coherent demans of Students, Teachers and Education Assistant and we ask a new institutionality for the public education. We ask to end the profit that comes money to the Government and warranty the real access to the education and, the participation of every statements in the decisions of the Education.
  5. New Worker's Laws: It's in the work where the biggest social unequalities are mades, by passing out to millions of workers with a poor and bad-quality work and a lowest wage. We demand New Laboral Laws that warranty a real unit freedom, sector colective business and for services, a real right to make a strike, ending fire for needs of the company and ending of MultiRut and more.
  6. New Political Constitution: Chile as a country it requires a new political constitution, that makes a constitutional rating to fundamental rights of workers and that establishes a plebiscite as a new way to solve the biggest national topics so Chileans can give opinions and decide about the biggest topic in the country.
Chile can and must be different. The now's status of things can be changed if the workers and citizens we decided to push for changing the social unequality that passes us out and going ahead to more democracy and social fairness.

Those days, Chileans joined to the Chilean Strike by not handing money anywhere (supermarkets, banks, etc) As a symbol of poorness of Chile.

lunes, 22 de agosto de 2011

Chilean Universities' fees are the most expensive in thre world followed by the USA

The monthly payments in the Chilean Universities are 3 more times than Italia's ones, 4 more times than Spain's ones, 5 more times than Belguim's ones and 19 more times than France's ones, according to a stadistics saught by the OCDE (Organization of Cooperation and Economical Development).

According to an article published on sunday (August 21st 2011) in "El País", a spanish newspapers, the chilean universities are the most expensive in the world, followed by the USA, situation than has taken many families to get into debt and stay up to 50% of their earnings in the payment of the monthly payments to the bank or to the right universities.

According to the publishment, the "Chilean public universities, that receives very little support from the Government comparing to other countries, are the most expensive in Latin America and their monthly payments are 3 more times that Italia's ones, 4 more times than Spain's ones, 5 more times than Belgium's ones and 19 more times than France's ones, according to a stadistic of OCDE (Organization of Cooperation and Economical Development). The effort of chilean families to paying the monthly payments, consideration the earnings, "is the higest in all countries followed by the USA, OCDE says.

The crisis of the education makes in black with applauses that receives the chilean economy, that this year it will grow to 6%, situation that has made much attention in the foreign.

Thousands families are now flooded by the debts that have contracted so their children can study in universities, that has taken students to mobilize in massive marches by Santiago de Chile's streets and Chilean Cities'.

All students, from secondary and universities, who were joined by the trade of teachers, demand a structural change to a system that was designed in the dictadorship's age (1973-1990).

Despite defenders of the systems say that this has allowed to grow the matriculate of students of 250.000 in 1990 almost one million in 2010, that's not been "enough to reverse the marked stratification of the chances in this education level", explains the Ejecutive director of Equitas Fundation, Pamela Díaz-Romero.

She adds than in the 10% poorest popularity, the rate of access to universities is a 16%, meanwhile in the 10% richest is a 61%.

It could say that one of the benefits of the system is that Children of middle-and-lower-earning families will at least study in a university first time, but as the secondary education is bad quality, they will study in the higher education with a less level of requirement.

Also, there's an consensus about that public universities have a little financing, while private universities operate with no fiscalization and all with highest costs, while in the secondary education, despite there are private schools with no profit making, few of them have respected it.